The services were professional, courteous and overall excellent.   – Fred Manocherian

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful service Aviation Dynamix has offered us and our Clients.  Your team is always on top of it… highly competent people, that provide excellent service, with a smile!  No matter the request, you’ve been able to step up and get the job done with little to no notice.  Should you ever need a reference, please feel free to pass along my information. – Cyrus Sigari, President, JetAVIVA

“Thank you for the great service in both the pre-delivery of the airplane from Cessna Textron and the mentor pilot you have provided, Cole Gevry. We have more than recouped the cost of the service with having problems resolved with Cessna Textron during the pre-delivery inspection. It is handy to have someone like Randall Lane, who was with Cessna for many years. He provided a firm hand in negotiating with Textron a settlement for what could have been a considerably costly delivery problem. In addition, the mentor pilot you provided, for such a young guy, Cole Gevry is fantastic, reliable and professional. He looked after an aircraft problem in the field that stretched long into the night without hesitation. In other words, he went beyond the call of duty. I cannot say enough about your service.” – Brian Cowie, Centura Tile

“Thank you so much, Sarah, Andre and crew! You guys are awesome and made my acquisition of a new jet so easy and comfortable. The mentoring your pilots provided was excellent and it is so nice to know you are there and ready to help any time I need it.” – David Hirschfeld, N234P

“I have been in the aviation business directly and indirectly for the past 20 years. I hired your services again… because I had such a good experience on the delivery of my Mustang. Again, on mentoring services my experience with your company has exceeded my expectations. Without a doubt Randy Lane made this happen with such a good and positive attitude that made everybody comfortable in getting this job done. I have never met anyone with such a positive attitude and as far as professionalism, he is unmatched. He was involved in things that he did not have to do it but he was always there helping out to make sure it was done correctly. He represents your company in a way that without a doubt we will be requesting your services for any needs that we have in the future and not looking anywhere else for other options. Again, thanks for everything you all have done for me.” – Gustavo Gutierrez

“A big thank you to Andre Grosvenor (Aviation Dynamix) for his help on the delivery acceptance. Andre does an excellent job! He works well with the Cessna team to ensure everything is as it should be before the plane is accepted. He stayed until I was completely satisfied and ready to go. And with his 2.5 hour drive it made for about a 19 hour day for Andre. So, if you have an M2 delivery (or any other plane or helicopter for that matter) in your future, I suggest you give Aviation Dynamix a call. I high recommend them and the money you spend will be well worth it.” – Chris Caffey (CJP forum)

“I just wanted to share with everyone that I used Aviation Dynamix out of Wichita, KS to help me with my purchase of a new M2 and I couldn’t be happier. Andre Grosvenor was extremely thorough during the delivery and held Cessna accountable for even the most minor details. He also helped reposition my plane down to Orlando for paint and then re-inspected it afterwards. Even though I was buying a new aircraft his help made it easy (especially since I wasn’t able to get to KS for the delivery). I highly recommend Aviation Dynamix for those of you who are thinking of buying a new or used Citation. He is extremely knowledgeable and knows everyone at Cessna. The folks at Cessna had a lot of respect, and maybe a bit of fear, for Andre.” – Bill Budinger (from the CJP forum)

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