About Aviation Dynamix LLC

Owned and operated by André and Sarah Grosvenor – Chopper Dynamix, Inc and Aviation Dynamix, LLC were founded in 2002. A need was seen in the aircraft ferry industry for a company that could offer not only high-quality service and support, but a commitment to excellence.

Our headquarters are situated in Wichita, Kansas, U.S.A. We have based ourselves in close proximity to Boeing, Beechcraft, Cessna Aircraft Company and Bombardier, all of which have factories in what is often called the, “Air Capital of the World.”

André Grosvenor has extensive experience on multiple aircraft and helicopter types. Combined with experience of our pilots and associates in the industry, we provide an extremely well-informed staff who are ready to meet your requirements.

We believe that our years of experience, consistent referrals, and many happy customers who continue to come back to us, attests to our solid presence in the aviation industry.

We take pride in your aircraft and we are happy to be of service!

Ratings Include but are certainly not limited to:

Cessna C500, C550, C560, C560XL, C525 and the Citation Mustang C510 as well as the C680 Sovreign and C650 / 750 Models (Basically the entire line) including the new Garmin G3000 and G5000 Models of the C680 and C750. Beechcraft 125-750, 800, 850 and 900 – Also the Hawker 400 and Mitsubishi Diamond Jet. Boeing aircraft include: 737, 737NG, 757 and 767

Helicopters Include:

Robinson R22, R44, R66
Bell 206 Jetranger And Bell 206 Longranger
Bell 407, Bell 230 / 430, Bell 429
AStar (AS350) Augusta 109 and the MD 500/900 series helicopters


Why Choose Us?

Aircraft Engine Inspection Wichita, KS

We specialize in services from Start to Finish. New and pre-owned aircraft and helicopters are our specialty. We strive to provide the best experience as we represent and/or work with you on the delivery of your asset.

In addition to helping you through the delivery process, Aviation Dynamix LLC, can provide you with complete aircraft management solutions. We can customize a management package to suit your specific needs.

Everything from a thorough pre-buy inspection, acceptance of your aircraft, and training of your crew to the safe delivery of your multi-million-dollar asset and so much more. Excellent customer service is our primary goal. We work to ensure that you get the best machine for the price you paid.

Whether you require an all-inclusive package with crew, maintenance, subscriptions, insurance and hangar, or a more basic solution to assist with the technical side of owning an aircraft. We can furnish you with precisely the services that you need.

Don’t forget that The Sky is not the limit…the ground is!®


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